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Revolutionary Hot Water System from

Imagine a hot water cylinder that is easy as a dishwasher to install, costs less than current hot water cylinder systems and can save you up to 10 litres of precious water per day 
Imagine no more — the future in domestic hot water heating is here! 

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Tempering Valve
Drip Tray

All you need is your local
plumber to install

Marble Surface


What Makes RYANZ Hot Water Systems So Good?

Designed in NZ for NZ –  the patented RYANZ Valve System comes installed on your cylinder of choice and fully replaces third-party component valve kits. (See more here.)

The Pre fitted RYANZ valve along with the "ready to install" RYANZ installation kit supplied with each RYANZ hot water cylinder system makes it simply plug and play: Place the cylinder insitu, screw in the hot and cold flexi hoses to the water inlet, hot water outlet connections, connect up the drain pipe etc, and then connect the power!  That's it!  

Save Lots of Mullah!

The least expensive on the market! With the clever design of the RYANZ hot water system there is no copper pipe, tempering valves, temperature pressure relief valves expansion valve, or inlet taps to supply or install, as this is all part of the cylinder.. When you take into account the price of the RYANZ Hot Water System and installation costs, no-one comes close in installed price.

Stress-Free Installation

Everything you need. Unique to RYANZ, the ready-to-install packages come with everything you need to complete the installation, including 316L stainless steel pressure tested flexible hoses, drip-tray and even tie-downs for fastening the cylinder!

Future Proofed for all ECO friendly heating products

Want to add solar heating, solar assisted thermodynamic heat pump or a standard add on heat pump in future?

The RYANZ 3-in-1 mono-bloc has ports to accept any future water heating accessories you may add in the future, such as solar or heat pump.

Save the Planet.

Save up to 4000 litres of water a year?? What!!

An old school (non-RYANZ HWC system) on average loses 10 litres of water a day through dumping water out through the expansion valve during the heating cycle. Exclusive to RYANZ, the Eco-Chamber absorbs that excess pressure in the water and therefore does not allow the expansion valve to dump water to the drain valve

This low-cost option can save over 4000 litres of water on average per year!  How good is that?

What is included in  a RYANZ Hot Water System:
Optional (Recommended) Extra:
RYANZ 3-in-1  Mono-bloc for hot water cylinders

RyanZ 3-in-1 Mono-bloc

Included in the RYANZ Hot Water system is the RYANZ 3-in-1

Mono-bloc. The patented RYANZ 3-in-1 Mono-bloc is a New Zealand compliant and designed  multi-function mono-bloc, which houses the tempering unit, temperature pressure relief valve , expansion relief valve, shut-off check valve and has auxiliary inputs for solar, heat pump and eco chamber add-ons in one neat brass fitting.

How you will benefit from fitting a RYANZ valve in your home or business:

  • Less cost than the competition.  An installed RYANZ hot water cylinder system is less expensive than the competition, as all the valves are an integral part of the system and the fitting time is less than 90 minutes for a new install, retrofit or upgrade to mains pressure! Compare this to the conventional system and the difference is night and day! The conventional system takes approximately 4-6 hours to install, and you still have to add in the purchase price of all the valves. 

  • Less chance of leaks. It has 85% less mechanical joints –  reducing the possibilities of leaks.

  • Higher efficiency. Reduced pipework and pre-insulated pipework means less heat loss for class-leading efficiency.

  • Earthquake proof. Utilizing premium 316L Stainless Steel pressure-tested flexible hoses with flat surface fibre washer connections, reduces the likelihood of a leak by over 90% compared to the conventional copper compression joint.

  • Easiest to retrofit. Whether upgrading from a low-pressure to high-pressure system or just replacing a worn out cylinder, the RYANZ Hot Water System is easiest to retrofit. Unique to RYANZ, the 3-in-1 mono bloc can be rotated 360 degrees on the cylinder top, so no matter where your current fittings are your valve will be facing in the easiest direction for fitment.

  • Neatest Installation. The RYANZ all-in-one design makes a less cluttered and compact installation. 

  • Future proof. The RYANZ valve has auxiliary inputs for either solar or heat-pumps, should you wish to add one of these on in the future.

  • Eco-Port.  Unique to the RYANZ 3-in-1 Monoblock is the Eco-Port. When you opt-in for the RYANZ Eco-Chamber, it is fitted to this port to save you up to 4000L per year!

OUR Cylinders

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We match the innovative RYANZ 3-in-1 Mono-bloc to top quality Hot Water Cylinders for your peace of mind – and ours – knowing we are supplying only the best to our customers.

Our stainless steel range is manufactured from the highest quality commercial grade 2205 SS with a 10-year warranty. 

Our economy option enamel cylinders carry a generous 5-year warranty.

A size for every space. Our stainless steel and enamel cylinders come in 135lL, 180L Tall, 180 Squat and 250L.

The SLIM space-saving diameters  are 475mm and 545mm; these dimensions are perfect for the replacement market

Performance Elements 2.4kw and 3kw Incoloy Immersion Elements mean faster recovery times. A titanium element option available.

All cylinders come with 1 x sensor connection inlet and 2 x 3/4" for alternative energy connections and are MEPS compliant.

Installation Kit for Hot Water Cylinders

RYANZ Installation kit

Fast and easy installation – also included in your RYANZ Hot Water System is the RYANZ Installation Kit.

This includes every component required to install your new Hot Water cylinder to New Zealand Building Standards.


Kit Includes:

  • Quality aluminium drain tray with pre-cut waste hole connection

  • Drain tray waste fitting: Connects to drip tray outlet

  • RYANZ New Zealand designed and manufactured tundish vacuum break valve

  • 2-metre tundish drain pipe: 302 stainless steel hose with 3/4” nut and flat washer on one end which connects to the tundish and drip tray waste.

  • 22mm galvanised saddles x 3: Fixes tundish drain pipe to cylinder 

  • 2-piece multi-drain: Connects the TPR valve and the expansion valve to the RYANZ tundish.

  • 750mm hot and cold hoses: These are quality high pressure-tested 316L stainless steel flexible hoses for hot and cold water connection.

  • Strap and ratchet restraint kit: Two are required for cylinders under the height of 1.5m - three are required for cylinders over 1.5m. The rated breaking strain per strap is 400kg. 



RYANZ Eco Chamber: An optional extra we recommend.

With water now a precious commodity in our cities and rural communities, RYANZ has come up with a low-cost solution: The innovative RYANZ Eco-Chamber Option.
With Eco-Chamber your household will save up tp 4000 litres of water a year. How? The old-school cylinders lose on average 10 litres of water a day during the heating cycle. Exclusive to RYAN the Eco-Chamber cools the water in the pressure vessel, condenses it and returns it to the cylinder. The Eco-Chamber is easy-to-fit: simply screw it on to the Eco-Port on the RYANZ
3-in-1 Mono-bloc and you're immediately saving water.

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