Ryanz Ready-to-Install Stainless Steel Cylinder Package from only $1466!

All components to complete an install are included, and delivered to your door –
No need to go and purchase any extras.

Package includes:

  • Your choice stainless steel hot water cylinder size
  • Ryanz 3-in-1 Monoblock system
  • Ryanz Installation Kit
  • Save money, time and hassle with the Ryanz Ready-to-Install Package

It’s a no brainer: It costs you less and saves you time.

Long lasting stainless steel cylinders built with commercial grade 2205 stainless steel with 10-year warranty, we are the only company in New Zealand to offer 2205 SS in the household domestic hot water market.

We recommend the optional addition of a Ryanz Eco Chamber to save you water and money.

Stainless Steel -Ready-to-Install Package, various sizes, priced from:

  • For full cylinder specification details and list of what is included in the Installation Kit in your package, please click the Technical Details tab in the main menu.